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1. What kind of organization is New Life Ministries?

New Life Ministries, in cooperation with partner organizations, works to print and send Bibles all over the world. To do this, NLM needs support from people like you who are passionate about the literature ministry.
We also print domestically for Japanese churches, providing anything from Bibles to pamphlets to church anniversary books.

2. Where do you send Bibles?

New Life Ministries sends Bibles to a variety of places, including economically poor countries and to minority groups, providing them with the Bible in their heart language. These are people who are unable to obtain a Bible due to government restrictions or where Bibles are completely prohibited.

3. What are the specific activities of New Life Ministries?

NLM has 3 major projects it is engaged in on a continual basis.
Visit our CURRENT PROJECTS page for more details.

4. How are donations used?

Donations are used to fund our three projects (the printing and shipping of Bibles domestically or internationally), as well as for upkeep on the printing machines to keep the ministry moving. Every year, we send out a report on our printing and donation information.

5. What does New Life Ministries’ logo mean?

In this logo, the three aims of our mission are likened to a tree upheld by God’s hand and stirred by the wind of the Holy Spirit. They represent that the Bible is for EVERYBODY, it contains the message of ETERNAL LIFE, and that it is essential for EVANGELISM.

Eternal Life

6. Why print Bibles in Japan?

Japan has good technology, advanced printing presses, a stable manufacturing environment, freedom of religious expression, and the ability to produce unrestricted quantities of high quality Bibles. We also import paper from overseas at low cost, but the Bible paper made in Japan is especially durable and long-lasting, so the Bibles are joyfully received by those who cannot afford to buy their own.

7. I would like to know more about New Life Ministries’ work and projects. How can I find out more?

Every month, we send out a letter from our Chairman as well as an online English newsletter with testimonies and updates on our projects. To subscribe, please fill out our form. Both letters are free and you may unsubscribe at any time.

8. How do I sign up for the monthly newsletter?

Sign up here.

9. How do I cancel my subscription to the monthly mailings?

To unsubscribe, click here to fill out the form.

10. How do I donate?

For information on giving by credit card (tax-deductible) or bank transfer, click here.

11. Does New Life Ministries sell Bibles?

In general we do not sell Bibles. However, for ministry purposes, we do sell Bibles to ministry partners. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

12. How can I get the manga books?

As a general rule, we do not sell individual copies of the manga (however, you can find them at any Christian book store in Japan).
For ministry purposes, we do sell boxes of the manga (1 box = 48 copies). For information on availability and languages, check out our Ministry Toolspage.


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