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Asia Project

Our mission is to get the Word of God to people in situations such as disaster, war, persecution or poverty where they cannot easily (if at all) get the Bible themselves. In an area known as the 10/40 window covering much of Africa, the Middle East and Asia in particular, there are about 50 countries in which religions such as Islam and Buddhism, among others, are prevalent. Approximately 3 billion people who live in this window have never heard the Gospel of Jesus…


MANGA Project

Manga Project Movie

Manga is known worldwide as a big part of Japanese culture. In places where we cannot send Bibles (such as Islamic countries), manga can be sent in and the Gospel can be spread. This Biblically-faithful manga provides easy access to the Gospel for youth, and are especially effective in areas where there is a lower literacy rate. The first installment of the manga series has been translated into over 26 languages and has been distributed and used the world over…


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