Paper Craft Workshop: Easter (Free Download)

Easter Paper craft

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of our work.
We’ve made a papercraft ideal for Easter! Please download and enjoy!
May the abundant blessings of Easter be upon everyone.

  • It is prohibited to sell or to redistribute the downloadable materials on external platforms.
  • For children, please handle scissors and cutters carefully, under the guidance of a guardian or parent.

Paper Craft for Easter

Resurrected Jesus Easter Card

NEW!Resurrected Jesus Easter Card

Jesus pops up in this stylish pop-up card! The resurrected Jesus waving is a design that will make you happy. Why don’t you share the joy of Easter?

  • Recommended Age: 9-12 yrs. old and above
  • Tools to prepare: Cutting knife, Scissors, Glue, Useful items:Metal ruler, Cutting board, Double sided tape ※Using double sided tape will make the process easier and cleaner than glue.
  • Paper: A4 paper, 3 Sheets(Craft paper recommended)
  • Time required: about 40 mins.

Easter Egg Basket

NEW!Easter Egg Basket

This Easter card has a nice handmade design!
When you open the egg, you will find a Happy Easter message!
It is a fun card like a picture book!

  • Recommended Age: lower elementary school student and above
  • Tools to prepare: Scissors, Cutter, Cutter mat, Ruler and a glue
  • Paper: A4 paper, 3 Sheets
  • Time required: about 20 mins.

The Mobile Easter Craft

The Mobile Easter Craft

This wonderful mobile Easter craft carries the feeling of spring. Hang it in your room and it will spin in colorful circles! Try making it with your children, family and friends.

  • Recommended age: 9-12 yrs. old and above
  • Tools to prepare: scissors, cutter, glue, thread, sticky tape or masking tape
  • Paper: A4 size, 4 sheets
  • Time required: Around 1 hour

Pop-Up Easter Card

Pop-Up Easter Card

The pop-up card that ‘springs’ up, ideal for Easter.
We also have a video that explains how to make it, available in Japanese. If you’d like, please watch it for further reference.

  • Recommended age: 6-9 yrs. old and above
  • Tools to prepare: scissors, cutter, glue
  • Paper: A4 size, 4 sheets
  • Time required: around 40 min

The Easter Egg Card

The pull-me Easter card that reveals adorable chicks and bunnies. It is very easy to make!
Crafting Tutorial Video (Japanese)

  • Recommended age: 6-9 yrs. old and above
  • Paper: A4 size, 3 sheets (thick sheets are preferred)
  • Tools to prepare: glue, cutter, cutting ruler, cutting mat
  • Time required: around 30 min
*We offer various materials that can be downloaded on our Japanese website. Please check it out if you’re interested in additional content.

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