Prayer Request for Unprecedented Bible Printing Plans


New Life Ministries is currently printing an unprecedented number of Bibles and Manga Bibles this year. As previously mentioned in the articles below, we have even more printing plans in the pipeline.

In particular, from August to September, a substantial printing endeavor is scheduled for the following Bibles and Manga:

  • Swedish New Testament: 290,000 copies
  • German Sports Bible: 70,000 copies
  • S’gaw Karen Bible: The number of copies cannot be disclosed at this time, but a significant print run is planned.
  • Polish Manga Messiah: 17,000 copies
  • Hindi Manga Messiah: 38,400 copies
  • Russian Manga Messiah: 19,200 copies
  • English Manga Metamorphosis: 12,600 copies
  • Swahili The Messiah: 100,000 copies
  • English The Messiah: 10,000 copies
  • Ukrainian Manga Messiah: 81,000 copies

Please pray for the workers and the spiritual warfare

We are truly grateful for the multitude of tasks before us. As we prepare to print and distribute these materials, we anticipate the need for maintenance and repairs of associated printing machinery and equipment. While we diligently attend to daily maintenance and preventing accidents, fatigue among staff and machinery malfunctions are beginning to take a toll. We sense a spiritual attack attempting to hinder the Lord’s work.

To continue this mission, with your support we are in need of your prayers. We earnestly request your participation in overcoming this spiritual battle through prayer.

Please pray:

  • that we can print without errors or losses and maintain high-quality materials;
  • for the protection of printing machines and binding equipment;
  • for the wellbeing of workers amidst scorching heat (the town of Hatoyama is one of the hottest places in Japan) and fatigue;
  • for the protection of workers from accidents and injuries;
  • -that the financial needs for escalating costs of utilities and raw materials will be met;
  • for the necessary funds to be provided for the Ukrainian Bible project.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your continuous remembrance of this mission. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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