Manga Messiah for Syrian Refugees

The Manga Messiah in Arabic for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan

In September, 16,560 copies of Arabic Manga Messiah arrived in Jordan and 8,016 copies arrived in Lebanon – all to reach the Syrian refugees with the Gospel!

Syrian refuges in Lebanon (9)

A young boy in Lebanon receives his very own Manga Messiah in Arabic

Current Living Situation

Currently, it is being reported that 85% of the Syrian refugees are living in various cities in Jordan called ‘host communities’, and the remaining 15% live in refugee camps. While some families have been able to escape to safety with their relatives, some families have had to split up, with some going to Jordan and some staying in Syria, or another location for safety. The average family size is five to six people.

School Life

The Syrian refugee children attend public schools in Jordan. However, as the space in the schools cannot accommodate all of the children coming in, some schools hold classes in two different sessions in both the morning and the afternoon. It is said that the general image of the Syrian children is that they tend to be ‘violent’. However, they are like any other children. They love to do activities that require a lot of body movement. Dancing, playing catch, and soccer are popular past times for them.


The majority of Syrians are Muslim. Even inside the refugee camps, there are mosques that are set up. Although we could find many similarities between their language and culture and ours, their livelihood is tied down, and they live under constant fear of not knowing when the aid and resources that they rely on would stop coming in (in Jordan, Syrian refugees are not allowed to work). Many would say that they would like to ‘return to their homeland soon’.


The Gospel for those who have fled from Syria!


Over half of the population of Syria has become refugees or are displaced since the war began in 2011, and they are escaping to countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Additionally, 320,000 refugees have fled to Europe (as of September 2015).
We would like to continue providing the ‘Manga Messiah’ to the people in Syria who have gone through so much and have had their future taken away from them.


Syrian refuges in Lebanon (24)To provide 100 children with the Manga Messiah costs 25,000 Yen.

1 Book = 250 Yen

Please continue in prayer and support for this Manga Project for Syrian refugees.

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