“The Messiah” Challenge Completion Form

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    "The Messiah" Challenge Completion Form

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    Required What kind of person do you think Jesus was?

    Required Who do you want to tell this story to?

    Required Which Manga would you like?
    Descriptions on each Manga HERE
    1.for yourself
    Manga Messiah(Japanese)Manga Messiah(English)Manga Metamorphosis(Japanese)Manga Metamorphosis(English)Manga Mutiny(Japanese)Manga Mutiny(English)Manga Melech(Japanese)Manga Melech(English)Manga Messengers(Japanese)Manga Messengers(English)

    2.for your friend
    Manga Messiah(Japanese)Manga Messiah(English)

    Optional Additional Comments

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    the Messiah challenge Bible Paper Crafts
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