How to Download the TMC PDF file to your iPhone:

*Click here for Android

Click the download button for Digital Version (for smartphone)
At the bottom of your screen you will see a prompt, tap the word “Download”
3.After the file has been fully downloaded, the prompt on your screen will ask you to choose what file to use to open the file.
Tap “Open in…”
Among the programs, choose “Save to Files”
Then, choose whether you want to save in your “iCloud Drive” or “On My Phone.”
7.Then, click save.
To view the file, go to the folder which you have selected and click the PDF file stored.
the Messiah challenge Bible Paper Crafts


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    (Japanese) 【マンガトラクトを無料でご提供中!】マナプロジェクト:新シリーズのマンガが完成しました!

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the Messiah challenge Bible Paper Crafts
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