The Burmese Manga Messiah is finally here!

The Burmese Manga Messiah is finally here!

The Burmese Manga Messiah is finally here! The translation and production of the Manga has taken us two years after receiving request of production from our mission partner.

For the first run, 10,000 copies will be printed.
Printing has begun last week, and the books will be bound this week to be shipped out in early September.
It will arrive in Myanmar around October and will be distributed through mission partners thereafter.

Please pray for the production process, for transportation, for safe delivery, and for our local mission partners who will distribute the Manga!

Left: Staff who is performing the final check before submission.Right: a page from the Manga

Myanmar and Christianity

It is said that nearly 90% of Myanmar’s population is Buddhist, and nearly 13% are monks.
Freedom of religion is ostensibly recognized, but minority Christians are still subject to severe discrimination.
However, on the other hand, Japanese manga and anime are very popular.
It is very significant that the Burmese Manga Messiah was completed in this way.
We hope that the gospel will spread to many people, including young people, through these manga.

Manga Messiah in 38 languages

Manga Messiah has been translated into 38 languages so far.
If you are wondering what kind of languages the Manga Messiah has been translated into, please consider purchasing our 『Manga Clearfile』 (500 yen per set of 2 sheets). You can see the jackets of manga in the languages ​​that have already been published.
Please pray for this project so that the published manga in each language will be used abundantly and that we can make more Mangas in different languages.

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