Part 1: Successful Distribution of Manga in the Philippines Through the World Vision Development Fund and New Life Ministries


Why Your Prayers, Partnership, and Support Matter

Through your unwavering support and generosity as well as the hard work of our ministry partners, a Manga distribution project was recently completed in the Philippines. In 2023, 38,340 Manga Bibles were distributed to target groups of children, ages 8-12, across 28 Area Programs under the umbrella of the World Vision Development Foundation Inc. (WVDF).

World Vision Development Foundation Inc. (WVDF) holds “We Are Christian” as one of its core values. The Manga distribution project has resulted to a positive impact on beneficiaries. Churches, community workers, volunteers, and participants were all grateful for making Manga Bibles more accessible for their outreach programs.

Various grassroots events were organized to distribute and integrate the Manga Bibles into spiritually nurturing activities including community engagements, mass reading of the Manga Bible stories, creative storytelling, gift-giving, and involvement of ministry partners and volunteers in community-wide discipleship programs.


Scope and Objectives of the Manga Project in the Philippines

The Manga Bible distribution across various area programs in the Philippines has been successfully implemented, reaching a total of 38,196 beneficiaries across the three major island-groups in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao).

The recipients, comprising of children aged 8-12, were strategically chosen as this age group are believed to be relatively more imaginative and considered visual learners. The Bibles were delivered to the WVDF National Office in three batches on August 11, 15, and 17, 2023.

The distribution was carefully organized, with various area programs receiving allocated Manga Bibles. Notably, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao field offices, alongside several outside area programs, received Manga Bibles, ensuring wide coverage and inclusivity. Furthermore, a portion of the remaining Manga Bibles were earmarked for WVDF’s internal use and to be shared with church partners and organizations during meetings and visits in the near future.

These post-pandemic Manga distribution efforts significantly contributed to WVDF’s goal of providing children with essential life skills, particularly enhancing their resiliency through spiritually-nurturing activities in the midst of tough times.

The Manga Bible served as a valuable resource during various community engagement activities. For instance, during the Perkins Twins and World Vision Community collaboration on September 23, 2023, the Manga Bible distribution played a key role in promoting the movie “Kaibigan (in English, FRIEND)”.

Read aloud at a movie screening

Led by World Vision ambassadors, the Perkins Twins, alongside WVDF staff, volunteers, and church partners, the event incorporated intentional gospel sharing and reading stories from the Manga Messiah. The distribution, conducted at Malaya House Church in Baseco, Manila, saw 66 children aged eight and above joyfully receiving and responding very well to their Manga Bibles. The event concluded with interactive readings from the Manga Bible, fostering a strong engagement with the target groups.

Additionally, outside the Area Programs, Manga Bibles were also distributed to various church members, youth groups, vulnerable groups, and marginalized members of the community. Some of the beneficiaries included those seeking temporary shelters or those displaced because of disasters, poverty, calamities, and other emergencies. The beneficiaries also included a national police outreach program with the Manga Bible being used as a tool to help foster positive relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve while addressing bigger social issues and concerns.

people who received the manga

Overall, WVDF’s Manga Bible distribution initiative not only provided children with access to valuable spiritual resources and gospel literature but also made the activities of the implementing organizations easier and spiritually nurturing.


Young Voices of Manga Bible Recipients

According to the children, discovering the Manga Messiah Bible was a “transformative experience.” A positive experience reading the Manga Bible can have significant effects on marginalized and unreached children, empowering them, nurturing their spiritual and emotional well-being, and equipping them with simple and accessible tools they need to overcome adversity and to thrive in their walk with the Lord.

Thank you for the manga!

Anthony, an 11-year old boy appreciated the engaging and creative presentation of the Manga Bible, making reading about having a “savior” enjoyable.

Anne, a 12-year old girl learned the importance of kindness and how it brings joy to God.

Charles, an 8-year old boy connected to the more traditional Bible stories when stories of the Manga Bible made him understand Biblical truths in very simple ways.

Claire, an 11-year old girl felt very grateful for experiencing the story of Jesus in new and more relevant ways.

Applebees, a 12-year old girl was reminded of how important faith is.

The visual and interactive nature of the Manga Bible and the active and prayer-filled participation of the volunteers and local community leaders brought refreshing stories of hope, faith, and redemption.

Our prayer here at NLM along with a community of local and international donors, is for these children to be granted the strength to face the challenges of life with faith and courage, drawing inspiration from the characters and narratives they encounter in the Manga Bible.

(To be continued in Part 2: Bringing Hope Through Manga Distribution in the Philippines by World Vision Development Fund and New Life Ministries)

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