Part 2: Bringing Hope Through Manga Bible Distribution in the Philippines by World Vision Development Fund and the New Life Ministries


We are BETTER together: A Gratitude Report

Your generosity has made a real difference in the lives of the WVDF team and volunteers as well as the end-users of the Manga Bibles in the Philippines. In this second part of the report, more insights will be provided on the actual project implementation and how your support made all these possible.

PRAYER is a powerful tool that can provide spiritual guidance, supernatural strength, and invaluable support for those involved in the production and distribution of the Manga Bible. We are thankful for the prayers of our donors and supporters for the success of this project and its impact on the readers and communities across the Philippines. Your support has enabled us to bring hope and inspiration to both adults and children.


This Manga distribution project by World Vision Development Fund and New Life Ministries also emphasized the value of PARTNERSHIPS. By working together with implementing organizations, religious organizations, volunteers, or community groups, the distribution of Manga Bibles was integrated into and enriched existing outreach programs or initiatives.
We are always better together.


Stories of Manga Distribution Project Implementation

In every World Vision community activity, spirituality takes center stage highlighting individual and collective devotion, prayer, and worship. The New Life Ministries through the Manga Bible has played a pivotal role in this pursuit. Adults and children used the Manga Bibles during a mass conducted by the Catholic Church. Facilitators of WVDF area programs organized masses, recognizing the importance of involving different parishes in project implementation.

In Albay Area, a province that is vulnerable to multiple calamities throughout the year and where incidence of poverty is significantly high, a well-attended mass was immediately followed by the distribution of the Manga Bible. By bringing people together in a shared space and by using uplifting resources like Manga Bibles, these spiritual gatherings served as venues to encourage one another.


In Negros Occidental, key leaders actively participated in the Manga Bible distribution alongside Evangelical and Christian Churches, taking charge of prayers, Bible readings, and devotions. The impact of political and community leaders’ involvement in Manga distribution, prayers, and worship was significant. Manga Bible recipients briefly mingled with authority figures and felt connected to these change makers.


In Sorsogon Area Program, Manga Bible distribution was integrated into life skills activities, emphasizing World Vision’s commitment to education. Additionally, Bibles were provided to church partners for Sunday outreach and to the local government units.

ボホールにてSimilarly, in Bohol Area Program, sponsored children received “Noche Buena” gifts for Christmas. This annual gift-giving event known as the Christmas Eve feast provided a culturally relevant opportunity to distribute Manga Bibles. This allowed a deeper connection to Filipino traditions and values while spreading the message of godly hope and true salvation during the holiday season.

ケソン市のシェルターでIn Batasan, Quezon City, 200 Manga Bibles were distributed to children following a Christian service for those in Oplan Shelter houses. Manga Bibles provided emotional support and comfort to residents and orphans who may have experienced different levels of continuing trauma and displacement. Often unreached by formal educational services, Manga Bibles provided a positive educational experience across age groups.


C.Testimonials and Collaborations: Impact of Manga Bible Distribution

The WVDF reported encouraging testimonies from project staff and church/community volunteers expressing gratitude for the impact of the Manga Bibles on their spiritual growth and the way they implemented the outreach programs. Some shared their favorite stories from the Manga Bible and the lessons they gleaned from them. Others appreciated the stories of miracles and faith leading to moments of personal reflection on the importance of acceptance, love, and trust in the Lord. Church leaders were also reminded of God`s kindness and mercy, finding new strength in their call to keep reaching the lost.

Additionally, unique collaboration between priests and pastors enriched the Manga Bible distribution initiatives by providing a more united spiritual guidance. This engaged a wider reach in the community and was pivotal in overcoming some barriers often faced by different denominations.

New Life Ministries and the World Vision Development Fund will never forget the generosity of our donors. Your prayers and support will continue to inspire us to keep reaching the unreached for the Lord.

As we reflect on the impact of this initiative, we ask for your continued prayers for guidance and protection over the recipients of these Manga Bibles.

The work does not end here. Let us set our hearts on the very meaningful work of the global gospel literature ministry together.
Thank you very much.

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