“The Messiah” Challenge! ーWalk in Jesus’ Footstepsー

Join “The Messiah” Challenge and win 2 Manga Bibles!

Read The Messiah and complete the Study Guide to win 2 free, fully-colored Manga Bibles!
One for you, and one to give to a friend!

Just 3 Simple Steps!


The Messiah Online

Read the story of Jesus – in Manga!


How to Download the TMC PDF file
for iPhone][for android

Complete The Messiah
Study Guide

Download the file below and either print out your own copy or fill it in digitally. Choose either one!

”If there is anything you are not sure about the Study Guide, please let us know▶anytime!


Fill out the Completion Form

Let us know you finished! Fill out the completion form
(Accessible on the last page of the Study Guide)


2 Manga Bibles
will be sent to you!

One is for you, as a reward for completing the challenge, while the other one is a gift for your friend!
If your friends try the challenge, they will also be able to receive 2 Manga Bibles!
You can choose the Manga that you want from the 5 volume set! (* The Manga for friends will only be “Manga Messiah”)
Take the challenge today!

Please get permission from a guardian before participating in this challenge.
Now, let’s walk in Jesus’ footsteps!
“My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart” Proverbs 3:1

▶ Take the Challenge!

  • This challenge is for elementary and junior high school children.
  • This challenge is available to those residing in Japan (Japanese and English).
  • Each participant can only participate once.
  • This project is limited to a total of 5,000 participants. We ask for your understanding.
  • We are continually seeking donations for this project. More details can be found HERE

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  1. 2020-8-25

    The Burmese Manga Messiah is finally here!


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