Take “The Messiah” Challenge and get 2 Free Manga Books!

After reading The Messiah on the web and working on the Study Guide, you will get 2 Manga books for free!! (Shipping is also free)
One is for yourself, and the other is for a friend

Just 3 Simple Steps!

* From October 16th, the Challenge has been significantly revised.


How to Download the TMC PDF file
for iPhone][for android

Printed Version
Booklet will be delivered by mail (free)

Application Form

Try “The Messiah” Study Guide

Read the free Manga The Messiah on the web and work on the Study Guide.
(You can also go to The Messiah directly from the Study Guide.)

There are 3 kinds of forms for the Study Guide. ① Digital Version (which you can use a smartphone or pc to fill out) ② Printable Version (for printing at home), and ③ Printed Version (Printed Study Guide booklet and Manga The Messiah will be sent to you by mail). Please use the one that suits your needs the most!

●Click here for any issues or troubleshooting the Study Guide

”If there is anything you are not sure about the Study Guide, please let us know
▶ here anytime!


Get 2 Mangas!

Finish Lesson 1 in the Study Guide and send us the Entry Form in order to receive your 2 Mangas!

One is for yourself, the other is for a friend!
You can choose your Manga from 5 different types!
Click here for details on the books of manga you can choose

  • Your friend’s Manga will be Manga Messiah
  • The Entry Form can be accessed from the Study Guide

Complete steps 2-6 of the Study Guide

After you receive the Manga, try finishing Lessons 2 ~ 6!

After finishing the whole Study Guide, send us the Premium Completion Form to recieve a Completion Certificate!
Take the Challenge!

If you are in Grade 3 elementary school or lower, Please get permission from a grown up before taking the Challenge.
Now, let’s walk in Jesus’ footsteps!
“My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart” Proverbs 3:1

▶ Take the Challenge!

    • This challenge is for elementary and junior high school children.
    • This challenge is available to those residing in Japan (Japanese and English).
    • Each participant can only participate once.
    • This project is limited to a total of 5,000 participants. We ask for your understanding.
    • We are continually seeking donations for this project. More details can be found HERE.


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