Manga Bibles for Canadian Children

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We recently received testimonies from our ministry partner, Bible League Canada, who has provided copies of Manga Messiah to children’s Bible camps across Canada. We would like to share these with you.

Camp Livingstone, Quebec

The kids love the Manga books and remember the stories so much more because of the pictures.
One of our teens had a hard time focusing during our camp, and we ended up giving him a Manga Bible. He would bring it everywhere and whenever he would feel overwhelmed, either by the people around him or the loudness of certain activities, he would go sit on the side and read.
Because of the pictures, he found a safe place in reading about God!

Rainy River District Ministries, Ontario

Because we had recently received 4 cases of Manga Bibles, we decided to distribute them to each of the children present.
Every single child took one and even as they walked out the door began paging through the Bible to see the visual portrayals of the stories it contains.
In the weeks following, there were many individuals who expressed their gratitude for a visual reminder of God’s plan of the ages. We trust that each of these Bibles will continue to touch lives for eternity, and that many to place their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We are excited to hear that the Manga Bibles are used to bring hope to children in Canada. Please continue to pray for God’s works for the children, for the Bible camps, for Bible League Canda, and for New Life Ministries!

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・Bible League Canada

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