Testimony of the Burmese Manga Messiah (1)


Manga Messiah in BurmeseLast year, New Life Ministries sent out 38,400 copies of the Manga Messiah in Burmese to mission partners working in Thailand and Myanmar.

These books have already been distributed, and we have received thank-you reports and photos, which we will share with you in our next three issues.
Please read and share in our joy!
(*Names and names of regions are kept confidential due to persecution in those areas.)


Thank You for the Manga — A Message from a Church Leader

My name is I, the head pastor of Church A. I am the Senior Pastor of the Church. We have 452 church members and we are doing mission work in 10 different areas.
This Manga Messiah comic book is very good and very helpful in our mission fields and is also helpful for other churches in remote areas. This book is good not only for children, but for all ages. I have seen and read more than 15 gospel comic books, but this Manga Messiah comic book is the best, and especially the pictures highly persuade the children to read it.

thank you for the manga

Now, all my church Sunday school children and our church mission field children are using this book for their handbook and lessons. I heard that many churches decided to use this book for their Sunday school lessons in 2024.
We distributed these books to many Karen churches in many regions and also to many other denominations. Many leaders who saw this book said they would like to get these for their church children, but there were no more with us. We can distribute many more, if more can be sent here.

Thanks to all the sponsors and ministers for providing this comic book to us. God bless you all. If possible, please send us more copies next year. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Messages from the Manga Recipients

From here, we would like to share actual testimonies from those who received the manga.

Convinced Through Manga Messiah

thank you for the mangaMy name is M, I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. I was Hindi, but through the sharing of many Christian pastors and evangelists I became interested in the Christian beliefs. Over time, they have given me many different tracts, more than 12 booklets, and I received 9 Christian comic books, and I read them all. I also attended salvation trainings many times. With all of this, about 55% of my heart was favorable toward Jesus.

Then I was given the Manga Messiah comic book freely on November 12, 2023, and as soon as I received it I opened it and read it. I could not stop reading it, so I read it all at once. I read it 8 times in 12 days. I learned so much more about Jesus, and it made me want to learn more. I did not understand some points, so then I went to the pastor and asked him.

He explained clearly whatever I did not understand. Then I understood who Jesus is and His works for my salvation and I 100% decided to commit my life to Jesus. The Manga Messiah comic book was instrumental in bringing me to Christ Jesus. Now I want to follow Jesus.
I told my husband to read this comic book, and now he is reading it. Please remember to pray for my husband to come to know Jesus and to decide to follow Jesus through reading this Manga Messiah comic book. Whenever I have time, I share Christ to all my Hindu and Buddhist friends. If possible, if you can send more books, I would like to give copies of this book to them. Thanks to you all for giving me this free Manga Messiah comic book. God bless you all.

A Manga That Became My Family’s Hope

thank you for the mangaMy name is R, and I am 11 years old. My parents are Buddhists and they worship Buddha as god. I received this great book freely from a pastor and I was very happy. I read it as soon as I received it from the pastor. Now I have read three times. As I read through this book I became more interested as I clearly learned who Jesus is. My parents are poor and we live under a plastic tent in a poor slum area. I am always discouraged, because my dad always drinks alcohol and he beat my mom every day.

When I read this Manga Messiah book, I got peace in my heart and I shared to my dad about Jesus and His teachings that I read in the book. My dad accepted my sharing and now he has stopped drinking alcohol. Our family life is better now. I strongly believe that all our family will become Christians and a sweet family through reading this Messiah comic book.
I really love and highly appreciated this book because the pictures are nice and motivated me to read it continually. The paper quality is also good for me, because our family does not have a good box to keep the book in.
This is the very first time our family owned a Christian book. I am praying to be able to own a Bible in my life and also for my family to read.
Thanks to all those who donated this Manga Messiah comic book to me freely. God bless you all.

The Reason My Family Came to Know Jesus

thank you for the mangaMy name is S, and I am 13 years old. I was raised in a Muslim family. I heard about Jesus from my teacher at Sunday school in our slum area every Sunday. As my parents are Muslim, sometimes they did not allowed me to attend Sunday school, but I attended secretly, because I knew that Jesus is the only living God. By the grace of God, I accepted Christ as my personal savior on April 23, 2023.

When I received this Manga Messiah comic book freely, I was so happy, because this is the very first time that I received and owned a book about Jesus. The more I read it, the more I knew about Jesus, and the more I read it the more I got peace in my heart. I read it 4 times in 8 days. My prayer is to be able to be able buy a Bible for myself in the future.

I shared Jesus to my parents using this Manga Messiah comic book and they have also read it now. I hope my parents will know more about Jesus through reading this book and accept Christ in the near future.
Thanks to you all for this free Manga Messiah comic book. God bless you all.

Children receiving manga

We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts to know that each manga distributed is being used by the Lord.

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