Testimony of the Burmese Manga Messiah (2)


Continuing from Part I, here we share the testimonies of those who received the Manga Messiah in Burmese.
(*Names and names of regions are kept confidential due to persecution in those areas.)

●Part 1 is here

Children receiving manga


Messages from the Manga Recipients

A Surprise Gift from God

Thank you for the manga!My name is A. I come from tribe B, and was raised as a Buddhist. In July of 2022, the national army bombed our village and my parents were killed. After that, my uncle brought me to a children’s home in village C.
By God’s grace, the owner of the children’s home shared the Gospel with us and in September of 2022, I accepted Christ in my heart as my personal Savior and Lord.

When our girl’s home received the Manga Messiah books freely, we were all so happy and we read them even when we were eating. We were all interested and motivated to read it, because the pictures are great and included Scripture text. It is very clear to understand about Jesus and His life and easy to keep in mind the whole life of Jesus in the Bible. And, the owner said whoever would read the whole book three times would get a cup of fruit juice.
This book helped us a lot to know more about Jesus and to understand the whole life of Jesus. IT IS THE BEST BOOK FOR OUR HOME.
Thanks to you all. God bless you all.

The Manga that Moved My Heart

thank you for the mangaMy name is S, and I am 10 years old. I was raised Buddhist.
I am so happy to read this Manga Messiah comic book, because I can understand and know about Jesus very easily. The pictures are beautiful and they make everyone, children and adults, want to read this book.
Through reading this book, I was persuaded and motivated to accept Jesus Christ, because Jesus is the real, living God King of kings, and Lord of lords. I understand that Jesus is the real God through reading this book.

The Best Book of My Life

Thank you for the manga!My name is C, and I am 12 years old. I live in the slums of Village A.
I was raised in a Christian family. This Manga Messiah comic book is the best book in my life. I have read many Christian comic books, but this Messiah book is the most clear and easy way to know about Jesus.
I am so happy for receiving this Manga Messiah book freely. I wanted to get more for my two brothers and my sister, but there are no more copies. I am praying to get more copies for my friends and also praying to be able to own a full Bible sometime in my life.
Thanks for this precious Messiah book given to me free. God bless you all.

A Great Help in Our Missionary Work

Thank you for the manga!My name is S, and my sister B is the one in the picture with me. We are missionaries, preaching the Gospel to the Buddhist and animist people in the villages of Province A. We are doing missionary work in the most remote villages in the B district.

Before we got this Manga Messiah book, it was very difficult and hard to tell about Jesus. But after we received this book and used it for evangelism, it is very easy for the Buddhists and animists in our mission regions to understand.
We received 5 boxes freely and now we still need many more. There are many IDP camps in our mission field, and the people are interested to read this book and when we gave this Manga Messiah book out, the people read it every day. And by the grace of God, within one month, 47 people accepted Christ through reading and sharing this Manga Messiah book in our mission fields.
Thanks to you all. You are our biggest partners for our mission field through this Manga Messiah comic book. We are praying to get more Manga Messiah books in the future and to get full Burmese Bibles for new converts. There are no Bibles to buy in our mission areas and it is also very expensive to buy Bibles in Yangon. Please remember us in your mission. God bless you all.

children reading manga

We are grateful to know that the manga is being used more powerfully than we could have ever imagined.

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