2.3 Million Copies of Manga Manger Sent to Thailand!

1.5 Million Copies of Manga Manger Distributed in Thailand!

Order List from Thai Churches

At the request of our mission partner OneHope in October 2019, NLM printed and sent 1.5 million copies of the booklet Manga Manger to Thailand, and we recently received a report on the progress of this project.Manga Manger was sent to 600 churches in all provinces of Thailand and from there to more than 1,000 schools. Out of 1,500,000 books, 1,397,000 books have already been distributed.
The project began in 2018, when we shipped 800,000 copies of Manga Manger to Thailand. When combined with 1.5 million books sent in 2019, this totals 2.3 million copies of this booklet printed to date.

Children Receiving Manga Manger

During the past two years, over 2 million Thai children have received this Gospel story.

From early summer to the fall of last year, NLM ran two shifts per day in order to produce 1.5 million Manga Manger booklets for Thailand. We are truly grateful to be able to make an impact through this work of providing this effective Gospel material in collaboration with OneHope.

Thai Manga Manger

Manga Manger is a full-color manga booklet depicting the Nativity story in Manga form. It was designed with an original cover for Christmas, focusing on distribution during the Christmas season. Beginning with the birth of Jesus, Manger summarizes key points of Jesus’ life, even up through His crucifixion and resurrection. The booklet includes several article pages meant to engage children, including games and origami instructions.

The Challenge in Thailand

Although Thailand is a fast-growing country, 95% of its population is Buddhist, and Christians are said to be less than 0.6% of the whole population. In the past, Christianity has been severely persecuted in Thailand, but in recent years religious freedom has been established and Christianity, especially Protestant churches, have grown exponentially. However, evangelizing Thailand, an avid Buddhist country, remains a major challenge.For this project, “Christmas” is an evangelism opportunity, and it is a project to convey the gospel of Christ with a focus specifically on what Christmas is. Japanese manga and anime are very popular in Thailand. Children will be happy to receive these as Christmas presents and read them with great interest.With an initial printing of 800,000 in 2018 and an increase to nearly double that amount in 2019, we can see that these books are being received well among children in Thailand. Praise the Lord!

About OneHope

OneHope is a ministry with a vision to evangelize children. Their main Christian teaching material “Book of Hope” has been translated into more than 148 languages.More than a billion gospel booklets have been produced thus far in their 30+ year history. OneHope conducts in-depth research and works with local churches to create educational materials, tracts, and apps that reach children’s minds and distribute these fascinating tools for free. OneHope Japan is also very active in Japan, producing many Japanese-language teaching materials, conducting seminars at churches, and working to revitalize Japanese churches and church schools.

Let’s continue to remember and pray for the Thai church and children as the Gospel message takes root in their hearts.
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・Onehope https://onehope.net/
・Onehope Japan https://onehopejapan.net/

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