Additional Manga Gifts for “The Messiah” Challenge!


We have added more Manga as gifts!

“The Messiah” Challenge. “The Messiah” Challenge is a campaign in which you can win two Manga Bibles by reading The Messiah and completing The Messiah Study Guide. One is for you, as a reward for completing the challenge, while the other one is a gift for your friend!

▶ More details on “The Messiah” Challenge here

Until now, the only manga available was Manga Messiah, but we have received feedback that many people already have their own copies of Manga Messiah.
Therefore…we have added more Manga as gifts!
As the participant, you are now able to choose your gift.(The friend’s gift will only be Manga Messiah)If you are a friend who already has Manga Messiah please join this project and get the Manga you don’t have yet!


There are now 5 types of Manga you can choose from!

Manga Messiah』『Manga Metamorphosis』『Manga Mutiny』『Manga Melech』『Manga Messengers.
Check out the titles below (all are available in either Japanese or English)

Manga Messiah (Japanese / English)

Volume 1 of the New Testament series. A faithful depiction of the four Gospels, presenting the life of Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus’ birth, the steps of Jesus and his disciples, the cross and the resurrection are all vividly depicted. The Messiah available on our webpage is a 64-page digest of the Manga Messiah. If you don’t own Manga Messiah yet, we strongly urge you to try this one!

Books of the Bible:
[ Gospel of Matthew / Mark / Luke / John ]


Manga Metamorphosis (Japanese / English)

Volume 2 of the New Testament series. A Manga depicting the work of the apostles after Jesus’ resurrection and ascention to heaven. This is a dynamic representation of beginnings of the early church, Paul’s evangelistic journey, and more! A digest of the Pauline Epistles is also included, giving you an easy-to-understand view of how the Gospel was spread.

Books of the Bible: [ Acts / Epistles of Paul ]


Manga Mutiny (Japanese / English)

Volume 1 of the Old Testament series. Beginning with Creation, readers can engage with the well-known Bible stories like Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel in a fresh way through Manga. The stories of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and the ancestors of Israel’s escape from Egypt are depicted.

Books of the Bible: [ Genesis / Exodus ]


Manga Melech (Japanese / English)

Volume 2 of the Old Testament series. The Israelites, led by Moses, leave Egypt and live in the wilderness for 40 years before entering the Promised Land. The Manga vividly depicts the subsequent steps of Joshua, Samson, David, Solomon, and the leaders of Israel, the construction of the Kingdom of Israel, and the prosperity of the people.

Books of the Bible: [ Numbers – Samuel ]


Manga Messengers (Japanese / English)

Volume 3 of the Old Testament series. The Israelites fall from prosperity and move away from God. The word of God is entrusted to the prophets. What is the hope given to the people through prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Amos, and Hosea who continued to issue warnings from God? The prophecies can be understood more visually, combined with the hope for the coming Messiah.

Books of the Bible: [ Kings – Malachi ]


Take the challenge today!

Elementary to Junior High school children are able to participate in this challenge. The challenge is free to participate, and anyone with internet access can take the challenge. It is also recommended as a curriculum for Sunday schools that are currently closed due to the effects of the corona virus. Please recommend this project to children around you!


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