The ‘End Product’

It’s always great to see the “end product” of something. When you work on a project, the preparation, time, hard work, everything you put into developing the product seems all worth it when you finally have the finished product. In the case of New Life Ministries, however, the “end product”, in a sense, is not the printed and bound Bible. Rather, it’s the smiles on the faces of those who are receiving the Bible in their heart language for the very first time. It’s the tears of joy from someone who just accepted Jesus into their life. It is the joy of a changed life.

In one report from a ministry partner that received Bibles from New Life Ministries, many Bibles were provided for a people group who did not have much, if at all. But these recipients, an indigenous group in Myanmar, rejoiced, claiming “in the history of our people, we have never received a blessing like today.”

Pastors with their new BiblesThe following are two of many testimonies from these Christians who received Bibles that day:

Mr. D., a 47-year-old former pastor expressed his joy at receiving the Bibles:
I have a Bible, but I need one for the village church that I started. There are nine families and all without Bibles. I became very happy when I heard we could get a free…Bible at this Bible distribution. I pray that God will bless the contributors more bountifully.

Mr. K., a 53-year-old minister, said:
I have a Bible, but it is very old and some of the pages have fallen out and been lost, but I still use what I have. I wanted to get a new Bible with all of the pages, so I have always been praying for a new Bible. I heard that in this town the Bible would be given away for free, so I borrowed money so I could buy a bus ticket to town so I could receive a Bible. The Bible is more important than anything else in the world.

As New Life Ministries is always considering how to make the best Bible ‘end-product’ for customers and ministry partners at a reasonable price, we also get excited in knowing that these books will not simply be read, but as God’s living Word, they will change peoples’ lives forever.

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