Manga Messiah Arrives in Cuba Ahead of a Hurricane

Manga Messiah Has Arrived in Cuba & Puerto Rico

New Life Ministries continues to send the Gospel message in one of the world’s most popular media forms: manga. This fall, 41,400 copies of Spanish Manga Messiah arrived in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

NLM’s partner in the region reported that the Manga arrived at an appropriate time, immediately being prepared for outreach in the wake of Hurricane Matthew that hit the region hard. The spiritual need in Cuba is great, and the practical need for quality Christian materials is quite high, especially in reaching the younger generation of Cubans. With the Manga resource, the youth have an opportunity to experience Jesus, read and re-read the Manga and be transformed by the Gospel message within.

The Next Phase

New Life Ministries is planning to print another container-load of the Manga Messiah Spanish for Cuba. The biggest hurdle is currently financial. One copy of the Manga costs 250 yen to produce and send to Cuba for the people there. Prayerfully consider donating to this project by clicking on the Donate Now button on the right.

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