Manga for the Roma


This year, we already have plans for printing Bibles and Gospel literature for various countries around the world.
One such project in development is for the Roma people!

What kind of project?

While there are many different Roma groups across Europe, in the Ukraine in particular, our mission partner, Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) is serving the Roma people, translating the Bible and Gospel literature into 5 different Roma dialects – Vlakh Romani, Carpathian Romani, Crimean Romani, Servi Romani, and Lovari Romani.

They want to get the Manga Messiah into the hands of these Roma people to reach them with the Word of God!


Who are the Roma?

Flag of the Roma
Flag of the Roma

The Roma are considered as a nomadic ethnic group originating in India, with a population of about 10 to 12 million worldwide, mainly in Europe and Eastern Europe.
They have often been referred to as gypsies by those around them but they refer to themselves as Roma or sometimes Romani.

Sadly, the Roma people have been persecuted and discriminated against for their appearance and the stereotype of them being a ‘wandering people’.
During World War II, the Nazis persecuted not only Jews but the Roma as well.
However, in contrast to the Jewish tragedy in the Holocaust, the tragedy of the Roma has been overlooked or forgotten.


Challenges for the Roma

現代のロマToday, more and more Roma are settled around the world.
However, there are people who are not happy with the Roma living in the city, and many countries where Roma live do not actively take measures to protect them.
It is not uncommon for Roma people to be displaced from their residences due to discrimination.

The Roma face many problems, especially with education, employment and housing.
Many cannot get jobs or rent a place due to anti-Roma sentiments, and as a result, a cycle of poverty begins and crime rates increase.
Some will justify the discrimination as a means of keeping stability in the local community and use the Roma as scapegoats for societal problems.


Manga Bible for the Roma in Ukraine

Approximately 260,000 Roma live in the Ukraine, the main area that our partner, Pioneer Bible Translators, plans to distribute the Manga.
Unfortunately, the situation for the Roma people there is very similar to the rest of Europe and Eastern Europe, and there have been cases of attacks on Roma camps in the country.

In partnership with PBT, we want to deliver the hope of Jesus to these people so they know they are not alone and that the Lord loves them and values them.
Many Roma do not have a high literacy rate due to the discrimination in education, so the Manga, which is mainly visual, will be interesting and effective, especially for Roma children.
Please pray that this project will be blessed to convey the Gospel of God’s love and hope to the Roma in the midst of their difficult situation.
We will continually update you as this project progresses.

Pioneer Bible Translators

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