Testimonies from recipients of the Lahu Bible


We have received testimonies from two people whom through our mission partners received Lahu language Bibles which were printed by New Life Ministries.
Lahu is a language spoken by the Lahu people, a hill tribe living in Myanmar, Yunnan Province in China, Thailand, and Laos.

Jesus Delivers from Demons

証者Praise God and all the glory and honor be to God. I am Andy(pseudonym) and I’m 84 years old. I have three children. For the time being, I’m living in C Village, in the State of B, Country of M.

God has been so, so good in my life. He is the God who saved me from the bondage of sin and under the bondage of Satan. I’m totally free from those bondages. Thank God for what He has done in my life.Before accepting Christ as my Savior in my life, I worshiped the spirit of Akar Michar. But while worshiping Akar Michar I found no hope at all for my future as well as I have no peace at all in my heart. I didn’t even know where I would go when I died. And I couldn’t follow the rules which are to be followed by people who worship the Akar Michar spirit.For many years I was in bondage to those rules. There are too many rules which are to be followed by people who worship the Akar Michar spirit, such as regulations and ceremonies concerning cultivation, rules and dedications when building a house, and many rules concerning worshiping and so forth.I’m so sorry that I cannot tell all the rules and regulations of Akar Michar worship in detail here.But I was sick and tired of following the rules and regulations of the Akar Michar spirit.
Consequently, I started finding ways to escape from following Akar Michar. And by the grace of God I met an evangelist and he introduced me to Jesus Christ.

Finally, I came to know that Jesus Christ can set me free from the bondage of the Akar Michar spirit. So I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in my life , because I learned of His love, His marvelous grace, and what He has done for my life. After coming to Christ and accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I found the meaning of life in Christ.

Hallelujah! Praise the God who saves me from sin and from being under the bondage of the Akar Michar spirit. After coming to Jesus Christ, I became healthy. And I’m feeling strong still presently by the grace of God even though I’m now 84 year old and still going.Now I have true peace in my life. I’ll worship Jesus Christ until my last breath.

Thank you, servant of God, for giving Lahu Bibles to the Lahu people. Glory be to the God who reigns over the visible things and the invisible things. Thank you.


Through the Faith of My Daughter

娘を通してFirst and foremost, my heartfelt gratitude goes to my Father who is in heaven for giving me new life in Christ and for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to share my testimony to a servant of God who is giving Lahu Bibles to Lahu people.
My name is Anna(pseudonym)and I’m 35 years old. I belong to Lahu tribe and have two sons and two daughters. But one has passed away on the day 13 July 2020. I believe she’ll be there in heaven with Christ. Presently I’m settling in G Village which is located near D town in the State of B, Country of M.

Before I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and Lord, I worshiped the evil spirit that over our village. There were many rules to be followed by people who serve the spirit. As long as I can please the spirit, my family members are safe from different kinds of dangers and sickness. And when one of my family members got sick, I had to please the spirit in order to recover from sickness. There are many rules which I cannot tell in detail here on this page. While worshiping the spirit there was no peace at all in my life. I feared the spirit. I worshiped the spirit over 33 years. And still my husband serves the spirit. Before I became a Christian, my daughter Natalie(pseudonym), who has passed away, had already accepted Christ as her personal Savior and Lord in her life. Among my family members, she was the only person who became a Christian. Her father and I told her not to go to Sunday school class at church. But she didn’t listen to us. She regularly went to Sunday school class every Sunday morning. Unfortunately, she was sick and hospitalized. Before she passed away, she looked at me and said, “Mother, forsake worshiping the spirit and worship Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only God who can give you peace and hope. After saying these few words, she died. The words that my daughter spoke to me touched my heart and I started thinking about who Jesus Christ is.

One day, in the evening while I was cooking dinner, two evangelists came to me and shared about Jesus Christ. Here also, I was touched by their words which are Jesus Christ loves you and He’ll take responsibility for your life and your future as well. But I did not accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in my life at that time. The two evangelists invited me to come to church every Sunday. So every Sunday I went to church and the pastor welcomed me cordially and politely. I went to church and listened to God’s word every Sunday.

Eventually, I came to know that only Jesus Christ can give me true peace in my life as well as hope for my future. So I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord in my life on 6 September 2020. And now I’m sure I’ll go to heaven and meet my lovely girl when I die. Now, I, my two sons and one daughter, have become Christians. We are now children of God.

I’m very proud to be a child of God. But my husband is still worshiping the spirit. Please do pray for me to win him to Christ. Sometimes, between me and my husband, misunderstandings are going on because of religious matters.

And after coming to Christ, my relatives came to me saying that they won’t worship Jesus. They will only worship the spirit. All of my relatives came against me and they condemned me. But I can still hold faith in my heart by the grace of God. This is my humble prayer request that please do pray for my husband to come to Christ. Thank you for the Lahu Bibles so we can know more about God.

We thank the Lord that Bibles printed by New Life Ministries are being delivered to our dear brothers and sisters living far away, helping them in their faith.
We also thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and dedication.
Please remember and keep praying for our brothers and sisters and for our mission partners who are working in these areas.

●Please also read this article.


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New Life Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry committed to serving the Lord by printing and sending Bibles and Gospel literature to Japan and the rest of the world, in each people group’s heart language.
Beginning in 1954, under the name New Life League, the ministry reached out to children, provided Gospel literature, and did evangelism through radio broadcast.
Later on, the work shifted more to the collection and printing of Gospel literature as the main focus.
Throughout history, there has always been a call for the supply of Bibles, and New Life Ministries has continued to do all that it can to meet the demand. Our purpose is to see Japan changed for Jesus, and that the whole world be filled with His precious Word.

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