Praise Report from Kenya


The Messiah has arrived in Africa!

New Life Ministries is currently working with African mission organizations such as Scripture Union and Noracta on projects to provide manga to Africa.
We sent out 38,400 copies of Manga Messiah in English to Kenya just last month on September 19th.

9/19 shipping status

Please remember to keep these projects in your prayers for the protection during the shipping and for distribution activities there.


Praise Report

Distribution of the manga we previously sent is already proceeding with 4 Scripture Union offices in Africa.
We would like to share here some thank-you messages and photos from people who received the manga at schools in Kenya.

thank you for the manga

We distributed 1,176 copies in schools in Kiambu County, Nyeri County, Machakos County, and Nairobi County in Kenya.
The materials are distributed through and in Bible Club meetings. Though we are yet to fully capture the settled impact of the materials, the children, as well the teachers make expressions of joy and wonder at the sight and perusal of the booklet.

Ala! You mean the Gospel can be presented in such a graphical way. This is lovely.
Rev. Paul Muoki,
National Children Coordinator, Scripture Union of Kenya
This is so interesting! THE MESSIAH is a book that helps children to know about the story of Jesus, where He was born suffering on earth and resurrection.
It is a book that has been illustrated in a way that children can understand easily.
Abigail Nafula, Grade 5 learner at St.
Juliet Educational Center and a Bible Club member.

Please pray for protection for our mission partners and their distribution activities, and that many may be blessed and come into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus through this work!

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