Manga Projects Report – June 2023


Thank you for your prayers and support for the Manga Projects. There is currently a significant amount of manga on our printing schedule. We would like to provide you with an update on the recently printed manga Bibles and those scheduled for printing in the near future. Please remember and pray for the protection of each of these projects.


Manga Bibles for the Caribbean Region

Image of children in the Caribbean regionAs mentioned in a previous article, a total of 187,000 copies of the manga Bible for the Caribbean countries and 60,000 copies of the PDT Bible (a Spanish Bible edited with simplified vocabulary for broader accessibility) were printed and safely shipped at the end of April. We appreciate your prayers.

The manga and the Bibles that were sent have safely reached Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. Please continue to pray that this project may be blessed in abundance.


Tagalog Manga Messaiah

image of philippine childrenThe project for the children in the Philippines, which we have already introduced in previous articles, is currently underway. In May, 38,400 copies of the Tagalog Manga Messiah were printed,and they have now been completed and shipped out. These manga will be used by World Vision Philippines.

The printing costs have already been covered, but we are still seeking support for the $5,000 shipping expenses. Please keep this matter in your prayers.



Burmese Manga Messaiah

38,400 copies of the Burmese Manga Messiah have been shipped out as of this writing. These manga are intended to be used by our mission partners who engage in missionary activities in Myanmar.

Myanmar experienced a coup in 2021, and the situation remains challenging. Our mission partners are providing support and delivering Bibles to people who have been displaced both inside and outside Myanmar. Please pray that these manga will reach the children who are seeking hope amidst difficult situations.


Manga Mission in English and Japanese

We have plans to print a total of 260,000 copies of Manga Mission, which includes 160,000 copies in English and 100,000 copies in Japanese. These materials are intended to be used in countries such as Japan and the Philippines by our mission partner, OneHope.

You can request a free copy of this booklet from OneHope’s website [here] (currently only available in Japan).


Manga Project for France, America, Brazil and Norway

Brazil imageIn May we shipped 10,000 copies of the English Manga Messiah to the United States, 7,000 copies of the Portuguese Manga Messiah and 6,000 copies of the Portuguese Manga Metamorphosis to Brazil.

We are currently making progress in the printing preparations for additional copies. This includes: 20,000 copies of the The Messiah in Norwegian; 30,000 copies of the The Messiah, 15,000 copies of the Manga Messiah, and 10,000 copies each of Manga Mutiny and Manga Majesty in French totaling 65,000 copies. These books are intended for use in Norway and France.


Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis in Turkish

トルコイメージWe also have plans to print 20,000 copies (10,000 copies each) of the Turkish Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis in the latter half of this year. These copies will be used in Turkey by our mission partners from Norway.

Turkey experienced significant damage from a major earthquake in February this year, and the recovery operations are still ongoing, with over 1.4 million people currently displaced. Please remember to pray that these manga will be delivered and used to reach and support the people who are facing hardships in Turkey.


Manga Messaiah, Manga Metamorphosis and Manga Mutiny in Arabic

レバノンイメージIn the latter half of this year, we will begin printing the manga series in Arabic. Firstly, 8,000 copies of Manga Mutiny will be printed, followed by 15,000 copies of Manga Messiah and 8,000 copies of Manga Metamorphosis planned for printing by autumn. These materials will be used by our mission partners operating in Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East.


Polish Manga Messaiah

ポーランドイメージAs mentioned in our previous article, preparations for printing the Polish version of Manga Messiah are underway through our mission partners in Iceland. A total of 17,000 copies of the Polish Manga Messiah will be sent out, with 2,000 copies designated for Iceland and 15,000 copies for Poland (exact shipping dates are yet to be determined). Please continue to pray for the success of the printing and distribution process and for the protection of this project.


Manga Messiah in Hindi and Telugu

Hindi and Telugu are languages spoken in India. Currently, we have plans to print a total of 76,800 copies (38,400 copies each) of these manga (exact shipping dates to be determined).

Manga Project for Japan

We are currently implementing a project to provide free manga booklets within Japan, covered by the support of people who have a heart for evangelism in Japan. We will also offer free shipping, OPP bags, and enclosed leaflets.

●For more details please see here (Japanese).

In this campaign, we have been providing The Messiah booklet, but we are now making preparations to print The Mutiny and The Majesty as well. These are manga booklets that feature excerpts from the beginning parts of Manga Mutiny (Genesis, Exodus) and Manga Majesty (Revelation). Eventually, we plan to offer not only The Messiah but also The Mutiny and The Majesty for free upon request.


Other Manga Projects

様々な地域のイメージIn addition to the above-mentioned languages, we are also making progress in translating manga into various other languages, such as Vietnamese (Mutiny), Ukrainian, Urdu for Pakistan, and five minority languages for the Roma community, as well as two languages for the Kurdish autonomous region. Please remember to pray for the work of our mission partners who are involved in the translation process in each country.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers and support. As mentioned before, a significant number of manga copies are currently being printed. Upon observing their content, it is remarkable how many of them are intended for regions facing particular hardships. It is evident that the Lord has a special concern for the children in these areas and is reaching out to them. We are grateful for the privilege of being involved in such a precious work, especially in these unprecedented times of great turmoil.

Recent increases in fuel and material costs have created a very challenging situation in addition to the tight schedules and the need to print a large number of copies. We ask for your continued prayers for the prevention of accidents and any other issues that may arise.


Online Giving

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Beginning in 1954, under the name New Life League, the ministry reached out to children, provided Gospel literature, and did evangelism through radio broadcast.
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