“The Messiah” Challenge has been Renewed!

“The Messiah” Challenge, a project for children which started in August has received much positive feedback and engagement from people all over Japan. However, at the same time, we have received many reviews such as “I don’t understand how to use the digital workbook” and “It is difficult for a child to do the Challenge alone”. In response to these opinions, we have significantly renewed “The Messiah” Challenge so that it is easy for as many children as possible to take and complete the challenge. If you have not tried the challenge yet or you have tried once but given up, we encourage you to try!

▶ Take the Challenge!


What has been Renewed?

Point 1

Simple and easy to understand NEW Revised Workbook!

You can now jump to the page in The Messiah from the Study Guide! Just click or tap on the link and it will take you straight to the corresponding page!

*We recommend that you download and use the free App Adobe Acrobat Reader when using the Smartphone version for smooth access to the documents.
Instructions for Android Instructions for iPhone


Point 2

Get 2 Manga books after completing Lesson 1 !!

Initially, the Challenge was completed by finishing all 6 lessons. Although, in order for as many children as possible to receive the Manga and pass on the Manga to friends, we have revised the Challenge so that children can receive 2 Manga books after completing Lesson 1! All you have to do is complete Lesson 1 and send us the Entry Form, in order to receive two Manga books!


Point 3

A Printed Study Guide Set is now available!

For those who find it difficult to download the Study Guide, you can now receive a printed Study Guide Set by mail.
By applying from the Application Form you will receive a printed copy of The Messiah and The Messiah Study Guide for Free!!
You can also order multiple Study Guide Sets for groups.

Apply for a Study Guide Set


Special Bonus through December 16!

The first 20 people to finish the Challenge by December 16, 2020 will receive Manga Majesty (Manga depicting the book of Revelations), an Original Manga Clearfile, and a Completion Certificate with your name signed!!
Please finish all Lessons and send the Premium Completion Form to claim your prize.
Take the Challenge and get this Special Bonus!


Additional improvements have been made!!

●5 Manga Titles you can choose from

Initially, the only Manga you were able to get was Manga Messiah. But many people shared with us that they already own Manga Messiah. But now, you can choose from 5 different titles!

Details on the Manga books here

●New Study Guide for Smartphones

Initially, the Digital Version of the Study Guide was only for “PC / Tablet”, but in response to the call of our users, we have created a Digital Version for Smartphone users!
The Challenge is available immediately after downloading the document. Please try downloading it!
(*For Andriod phones, you will need to install the free App Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to use the Study Guide)

Download the Study Guide for Smartphone

●A Troubleshooting page has been added

If you are having trouble downloading or using the Study Guide, please take a look at the Troubleshooting Page.
For other inquiries, please visit here.

Visit the Troubleshooting page

We pray that we will be able to share the gospel and hope of Jesus with more children through this project! Take the challenge!
Please also share the project with others you know!

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